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Koi Ponds

There is nothing better than bringing nature into your own backyard. By adding a pond to your landscape, you will feel like you are on vacation every time you step foot outside. Kick your feet up and enjoy fish swimming up to you, waiting to be fed. From new ponds to existing ponds that need some love, our professional staff is here to help.

Ecosystem Pond_11.jpg
Ecosystem Pond_15.jpg



"Illinois Water Features helped us redesign and enlarge a beautiful pond at our school. This was a student project and I was so impressed with the patience and care they had for our students. It was a wonderful learning experience for our students. We will forever appreciate having this beautiful water feature for our students to study and enjoy. Also, thank-you for the amazing fish you donated."

Ecosystem Pond_10.jpg
Ecosystem Pond_13.jpg
Ecosystem Pond_14.jpg
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